Pachinko Rules

This is a Japanese game that is a combination of slots and pinball. The balls used in Pachinko appear similar to ball bearings of a machine.

Where to Play Pachinko

The game used to be only played in Japan parlors but over several years the game gained so much popularity that are now available everywhere. The old pachinko machines were manual but the newer machines are electrical with the player being allowed to set power of the discharge.

Difference between the Modern and the Old Style Pachinko

The balls in the old style pachinko balls used to be other table games use the poker chips. The pachinko balls were not supposed to be traded for money in Japan pachinko parlors but in some casinos they allow you to sell them.

In modern casinos, in order for the casino to prevent people from coming to the casino with their own balls, the casino would use virtual balls that would be obtained by inserting coins into a machine.

How to Win in Pachinko

The pachinko rules state that when the ball falls into certain holes, the holes will pay a specific number of balls. Some holes though will make three wheels to spin similar to a slot machine. If the spin shows 3 similar images then it is considered as a win and the player will be awarded with either balls or credits.

House Edge in Pachinko

It is very difficult to judge the house edge as compared to other casino games. Because it is a two in one game it is almost impossible to calculate the odds for a pinball machine.

Where to Play Pachinko

It is very difficult to find an online casino that offers Pachinko as one of its games. Even worse is that there are fewer land-based casinos that offer Pachinko. In America Pachinko can be found next to arcade games like skee-ball. The winnings of Pachinko come in the form of tickets that can purchase other items such as toys in the arcade.